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Download SF1's sophomore album "Inamorata" for free by clicking this link!

If you like staying on top of the Denver music scene, then this album is a must have! And stop staying in on the weekends and go see SF1 live! The kid doesn’t mess around on his performances.

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Photo Set

Some of our favorite behind the scenes pics from when we shot SF1 music video “How It Goes” over the Fall. What a great running around with the guys shooting. Can’t wait to do it again! 


What do you know about Denver musicians?! Here is our very own Brooke Villanyi interview with American Idol. She’s going to kill it! And what a kick ass to hang out with as well! Good Luck Brooke!


Music Video of the Week: SF1 - Tension

One of our favorite collaborators over the last few years is Denver Musician SF1. His music video “Tension” came out back in October. Make sure to check out his other videos. SF1 also is one of the best live performers in Denver. All-around talent.