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Just got introduced to Lil Dicky. Interesting rapper. If he did this for every Disney movie, I would no doubt have to listen to everyone. Spoiler Alert if you have never seen Lion King.


I didn’t go to CU but their video staff did a pretty good job with this video. Hard to believe football season is already around the corner. 


""There is no great genius without some touch of madness" - Lucius Annaeus Seneca"


Interesting choice by Clint Eastwood to break the fourth wall in the Jersey Boys trailer. Think it will work?


A friend of Rule of 3, Sam Granillo: a Columbine HS shooting survivor, journeyed across America to visit other school shooting sites. With a camera, and production crew in tow to document it.

Along with Dateline NBC, Sam chronicles his journey. We can’t wait to see the whole story on Sunday, 15 years later.

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Aspen Film | Independent by Nature

Aspen Filmfest - a five-day film festival in Aspen, Colorado celebrating the energy and artistry of international film making and innovative movies. Aspen Shortsfest - an international film competition which pays tribute to the most innovative and vibrant voice in cinema - the short film.


Went to Waffle Brothers over the weekend for lunch. So good!


Hell yeah Ned Garthe Explosion brand new music video! You gotta check this video out, I had to watch it twice. Too funny. BTW their album, Teenage Acid Party, comes out April 26th, find it!


Finally watched “Gravity” and loved it. So watching this short film written and directed by “Gravity” director Alfonso Cuaron is pretty cool. I’d have never thought about doing this. If you have watched “Gravity” you would love this short. If you haven’t watched the film yet, watch it, and then watch this immediately after.


Another pic from the weekend. Great time at WashingtonPark. Can’t wait to do it again.


What a great weekend! Awesome weather in the city.


Flick Pick of the Week: Monsters

It’s a hard film to place one specific genre to it. Thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama, a great mix of them all. A fantastic beginning/end to this film. You will surprised with this one, not what you expect at all. Also, hard to believe, but a low budget film.



Mark your calendars! March 21st #sf1bday

We could guarantee you would love a SF1 live show! We put our name on it! Tell him Rule of 3 sent you and get a free hug. 

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Flick Pick of the Week: Son of Rambow

So many different people will love this film. Take baseball out of  “The Sandlot” and insert making a movie. And also add British accents to the kids. Brings you back to being a kid, running around with wild imaginations. A funny and original comedy.